About the Authors

author-photo-2014.jpg Mary Devlin Lynch and Debbie Devlin Zook


Mary Devlin Lynch:
I live in New York City (like Melissa!), but the Bronx to be technical. I lived in Darien and Norwalk, CT for years before moving to NYC. I worked for a consulting firm that helps non-profits in fund raising projects until my retirement. I now manage my husband’s psychology practice on a part-time basis. Other jobs have included administrative assistant, real estate management and law firm paralegal work (yes, like Magee!). I have a beautiful daughter, Megan, who lives in Natick, MA with her husband, Peter, and two sons, Collin and Luke. Obviously, my grandboys are the most brilliant, handsome, amazing children ever–or at least in Massachusetts since Debbie’s grandchildren are in New York. In my “spare” time when not writing, I am an avid quilter and, of course, reader.

Debbie Devlin Zook:
I  retired six years ago (doesn’t seem possible). I was a church secretary for almost 10 years when I left  to take a much more enjoyable position as babysitter to my grandchildren. I have been an administrative assistant, secretary and bookkeeper; and ran my own business for a couple of years (who knew frozen yogurt was a fad!). In a previous life (prior to my marriage), I worked at a major university located in central PA (hint: PSU). After retiring for the first time, I moved to a quaint, rural town (population 2,200) with one red light. My husband was in banking and retired in January. We have one handsome son (not to be outdone by my sister!), who recently moved with his beautiful wife, son and daughter to Rochester, New York. I read as time permits and also write short stories for my own amusement.


Beth Devlin-Keune:                                                                                                 
My life has revolved around sports–and animals. I graduated from Penn State where I was a member of the softball team. Over the years, I have been an entrepreneurial sort, creating my own businesses out of pet care, dog training, housesitting and softball instruction. I lived in Fairfield County CT for 20 years, coaching high school and travel softball teams. I moved to Florida in 2010. My partner of over 20 years, Dawn, and I have several cats and two dogs. In addition to our phenomenal black mini-dachshund, Renee; we’ve added a mixed breed nick-named Stick Dog, Stickie for short. I am currently buying, remodelling, and selling houses in the Cape Coral area. Other hobbies include watching as much sports as humanly possible, and reading mysteries (voraciously). I’ve collaborated with my sisters on two books so far.

                                 Beth, Debbie and Mary with James Joseph Devlin

After we started writing together, I realized that we all inherited our love of reading from our dad who was a long distance truck driver never leaving home without a stack of paperback cowboy books in his bunk. Dad passed away on April 3, 2012. This photo was taken in Florida while we were there to celebrate his 82nd birthday (5/28/11). After a year long struggle with health issues, he is finally at peace as are we. We miss him every day but continue to live each day to the fullest because that’s what he would want. — Debbie

2 thoughts on “About the Authors

  1. I love you guys. I’m so glad Debbie and I graduated together from good ole Bellefonte High School. Home of the “yes” Red Raiders. Love the stories and according to Debbie I’m the #1 fan.

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