Back to work!

Hello Dear Friends and Readers.

We realize this site has been woefully neglected and we apologize. I’m going to be brutally honest and trust that if you are here, you are kind people.
You will note the last post was in December, 2018, which happened to be the week our beloved Debbie moved on. This was her thing, and honestly Mary and I have not had the information and perhaps the strength to come back and work on it.
Frankly, she would be furious.

Please know that we are working on three books at the moment, and that the Quilting Queen is doing well so if you haven’t read the latest Miranda Hathaway mystery, please do and let us know your ideas, thoughts, critiques, we always appreciate them.

Thank you for all of your kind notes, and well wishes. It is still hard and we both know that Debbie is always looking over our shoulders, just like now.

So now we will strive to entertain you, and share the tales of our friends in Cutler, Darcy, Meredith, Skyler, Cayden, Sophie, and any others that show up in Mary’s dreams.

Yours in Memories,

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