The gang is off to a convention to see one of the most famous quilters in the world. As usual, things don’t go quite the way Miranda plans. Follow along as they meet a cast of characters, one of whom is definitely a murderer.

Below you will find a cover and brief synopsis of the other books. They are listed in the order that we printed them starting with newest and going down to the first one.


Not even Cutler is immune from the serious drug epidemic spreading across the nation. When local kids started dying, Cutler Quilt Guild Number One jumped into action. Using every skill they have from sewing to surveillance, they are determined to find the drug dealers and push them out. It might be time for Harriet to dust off her taser!

Miranda and Gabe also need to find time for family. Gabe’s son Kevin surprised them when he announced at Christmas that he and his fiancé Terry were marrying on New Year’s Day—adding that they were expecting a little surprise of their own.

Working with FBI-like strategic planning, the family pulled Kevin’s wedding together in one week. Only then could Miranda and Gabe get to work on their own Valentine’s Day wedding plans.

Throughout the good and the bad, Harry the cat is there to help, comfort, scold, and complain—lest anyone forget that in the end it’s always all about him.


The preview event for the Ramesses II and Nefertari exhibit at the Antiquities Museum of New York went off splendidly, until a priceless bracelet disappeared. Associate Curator Sierra Parker is frantic. She discovers the thief and gets the bracelet back not realizing she has just made an enemy.

With her contract soon to expire, Sierra questions what to do next. A summons from the Museum Director, Sir Malcolm Winston, may hold the answer. He has agreed to help his friend at the Cairo Antiquities Museum. Malcolm knows Sierra would never turn down the chance to work in Cairo.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, the tall handsome British knight has a crush on the petite brunette with the shaggy haircut, large brown eyes and shapely figure. He’s read her file. He knows all about her degrees and career, but Malcolm wants to get to know her on a more personal level. He doesn’t realize that taking Sierra to Cairo may put her life in danger, but he does know that he would give his to protect her.


Christmas is such a magical time and spirits are high in Cutler. While it’s true that there have been changes over the past several years, some that shook our small-town sense of security, everyone is moving forward.

A family dispute that turned into the first murder in decades proved too much for the Chief of Police. Jake Perryman had a heart attack and died, leaving his wife Taylor alone.

And now, an abandoned baby girl has been found at the Library. Thankfully, Miranda Hathaway’s Harry, a clairvoyant cat, leads the way to her before it’s too late. Taylor finds her and wants her, but babies don’t fall under “finders keepers.”

With Deputy Jimmy Haynes training to take over, Acting Chief Gabe Downing is thinking about the future. He knows what he wants. But will his surprise for Miranda turn out the way he hopes, or will she be totally blindsided?

The spirit of Christmas is restored in Cutler and surprises abound. For certain, this is one Christmas that no one will soon forget!


What? Her mentor is dead, and now she’s the editor for Taylor Press’s most difficult author?

With two years’ experience as an editorial assistant, Skyler Kincaid is the firm’s only chance of keeping this bestselling author.  If he likes her, all is well; if he doesn’t, he’ll take his books elsewhere.

Len Spofford’s last two books, The Dame in the Rubies and The Dame in the Emeralds, were bestsellers. Now it’s up to Skyler to make sure the new one hits the mark. As she works on the manuscript for The Dame in the Diamonds, the book’s fictional story seems to echo her current reality.

Skyler is attracted to her boss, Harrison Taylor III, who is older, has an ex-wife, a teenage daughter—and a jealous psycho girlfriend. Harrison can’t believe this beautiful young woman would want to get involved in his drama.

Will there be a happily ever after to their story? Not even The Dame in the Diamonds can help her with that.


Gabe Downing, her significant other, and her daughter, Zoey, are planning a surprise for Miranda’s birthday. Now there’s been a murder and no one feels like celebrating.

Laura Jenkins was a bitter, nasty woman who never did anything nice for anyone. But the town is still in shock. Things like this just don’t happen in Cutler, Pennsylvania!

Local Police Chief Jake Perryman, overweight and out of shape, has no experience in investigating a murder. When he turns to Gabe and Miranda for help, they worry the stress may be too much for him.

Cutler is a small town and everyone knows everyone else. They all knew the victim and now Gabe and Miranda must look at their own friends and neighbors as suspects.

When a quilt is found in Laura’s belongings that predates the two oldest known quilts in the state, it becomes a motive. Now to find out who had means and opportunity?

Queenie McQuinn, owner of the local quilt shop, sadly tells Miranda, “There’s not a quilt on this earth worth dying for.”

But someone did!


She was a young actress doing summer stock when she fell for her leading man. He was handsome and talented; who wouldn’t fall in love with him. The audience surely did every time he took the stage. Then it was fall and he was gone.

Fast-forward 35 years. Queenie McQuinn is sitting in her quilt shop when the door opens. She looks up and all the memories she’s tried to forget come rushing back. She thought she would take her secret to the grave, but now that might not be possible.

Gabe Downing is packing to move to Cutler to be with his ladylove when he gets word that his son is in danger. Kevin has been called to testify in the trial of his former boss, Jason Chen. The Chinese Syndicate, run by Jason’s uncles, will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. Gabe has no choice but to make the call, hoping she will understand.

Miranda Hathaway does understand why Gabe is delaying his move, but if he thinks she’s going to wait at home while her new family is in danger, he doesn’t know her very well.

When Kevin’s girlfriend, Terry, is taken hostage by the assassin, Gabe knows he can’t keep Kevin from going to the rescue. Like father like son!


Only one month to organize a Quilt Show as a fundraiser for the local schools! If anyone can do it, Queenie McQuinn, president of Cutler Quilt Guild Number One, can.

Miranda Hathaway, town librarian and member of the guild, invites two rival quilters, each claiming to have the oldest quilt in Pennsylvania. And if that isn’t enough excitement, someone sets off the sprinklers.

After the water is cleaned up, everyone thinks the worst is over, but they’re wrong. While they were busy trying to save the quilts, the cash boxes were emptied.

Gabe Downing, Miranda’s “significant other,” and a former FBI agent, is here to help. Harry, Miranda’s oddly omniscient cat, has his own opinions about who tried to ruin the quilts and who took the cash. He’s been right before!


A fashion designer! That’s all Sophie Palmer has ever wanted to be! So, when an Academy Award-winning designer calls to offer her a job, she takes it. In under five seconds, she drop-kicks her life in New York, and her fiancé, to the curb.

As number five in a five-designer department, she’s been warned to keep her expectations low, but still, it’s Hollywood and anything can happen! Sophie keeps her personal labels at the ready, just in case.

And her love life? Well, who else can wander into a bar for a drink after work and meet a computer genius millionaire? Only Sophie! Finn McLaine is totally smitten and asks her to marry him on their first date.

Everything is going well until it appears that someone is trying to harm Finn. After several suspicious “accidents,” Sophie confronts him to find out what he’s working on and why it has put his life in danger.

If Finn wants to marry Sophie, he’s gonna have to stay alive to make good on that proposal. Then Sophie can stitch together all the dangling threads of her life and become who she’s meant to be—Sophie by Design


Miranda Hathaway, town librarian and member of Cutler Quilt Guild Number One, likes mysteries and everyone knows it.

When her daughter calls and asks her to come to Boston immediately, Miranda drops everything and goes. Why? Because that’s what mothers do! She arrives to find that Zoey’s best friend—her boyfriend’s sister—is missing. Miranda helps them begin a search for her. But, before they get Olivia back, Miranda goes missing!

Zoey frantically reaches out to Gabe Downing. Gabe, a private investigator and former FBI agent, has been dating Miranda for the past year. He uses his resources to locate her and plans a rescue.

Back at home, Miranda’s cat is upset. The cat-sitter, Miranda’s best friend, Diane, decides a phone call might calm Harry, but the call goes to voice mail. Now they’re both upset, so she visits the Quilt Shop and the quilters try to call. When Miranda doesn’t answer, they’re all worried. That does it!

The ladies of Cutler Quilt Guild Number One are going on a road trip.

THE QUILT RIPPER                    

Miranda Hathaway is the town librarian and a member of Cutler Quilt Guild Number One. She likes to read mysteries, especially Sherlock Holmes. When someone breaks into the house of a guild member, rips apart an heirloom quilted skirt, and leaves the torn pieces behind, everyone in Cutler, PA, thinks Miranda can solve the mystery!

Gabe Downing, a retired FBI agent from Boston, has recently joined the Quilt Guild as its first and only male member. Coincidence? Miranda doubts it, but she finds herself attracted to this new man in town. He asks her to dinner and she’s flattered at first, but then her suspicious mind wanders. Does he know more about the break-in than he’s saying? Is he trying to find out what information she might have? Well, two can play that game!

Can Miranda and Gabe find the “Quilt Ripper” before another vintage piece is destroyed? Gabe may have experience on his side but she has her own secret weapon. The ladies of Cutler Quilt Guild Number One are on the case!


Meredith Abbott’s Adventures in England

There was a time when the entire livelihood of Almsmorton Village depended on Almsmorton Manor and the family that lived there. But jobs declined over the years as farmland was leased to others, horses were sold off, and most of the house closed up.  Finally, the current Lord and Lady Almsmorton moved to a townhouse in London.

Their son, Timothy Treymour, is determined to restore the manor house to its former glory and provide jobs for the villagers again. Timothy has brought his ladylove home to help him; former Iowa farm girl and now successful author, Meredith Abbott. Meredith has taken a giant leap of faith in packing her bags and moving to England with Timothy but there is other baggage she cannot leave behind—the emotional scars of her divorce from movie star, Antonio DeLeon.

Meredith wants to be happy with her new life in the idyllic English countryside. As she and Timothy work side by side, with the support of their friends, Harry and Linda, their love and commitment grow stronger each day. All is well—except for Meredith’s nagging certainty that Tonio will come to Almsmorton and ruin everything. Or is it that she’s not ready to give up on Tonio completely?

Back in LA, Antonio DeLeon is not happy, with his career declining and his new marriage a farce. What’s really fueling his anger is knowing that his Meredith is in England with Timothy.

Does Meredith really think he’ll ever let her be happy without him?

RELATIVE UNKNOWN                               RelativeUnknown small             Sequel to the Witherspoon Healers Trilogy

Magee Witherspoon (O’Connor) Ryder’s life in Darien, Connecticut, is complicated. Balancing her job, her rock-star husband, her young son, and her family “gift” is not easy. Then she gets an email showing a photo of Rick with another woman. Why didn’t she know? Why didn’t she sense something? She always knew it would happen, so why isn’t she prepared to handle it?

Cari DeWinter lives in LA. She has just graduated from college, when a letter arrives from an attorney in Pennsylvania. Adopted? Now she understands why she always felt she didn’t belong here. Now she understands why she looks nothing like either “parent.” And now she understands why she never told them her secret.

Magee and Rick, still reeling from the email, have been asked to raise their son’s best friend, a young boy who has no parents, only an aged and ailing grandmother. Can they bring another child into their crazy, hectic household, where bodyguards and security gates are the norm? The timing couldn’t be worse.

Cari sets out across country to find her “real” family. The letter said her birth mother, Jane Witherspoon, had lived in Sylvan Mills, Pennsylvania. Road trip! Maybe she shouldn’t have taken the car her “parents” gave her for graduation, but it was the least they could do after lying to her all these years.

Magee is overwhelmed both personally and professionally. Something has to give and it can’t be her family. She won’t allow it. She also won’t allow a stranger to take away everything she has worked so hard for, and everyone she loves. Not gonna happen!

LYING FOR A LIVINGLyingforaLiving_cover (Eliz)
Meredith Abbott’s Adventures in Hollywood

Meredith Abbott moved to LA on a whim and she got more than just a short adventure. She got Antonio. Antonio DeLeon. Yes, the world-famous, rich and sexy actor; who’s also a drunk, womanizer and world-class liar. For Meredith it was love and she willed it to work. Screeching tires and twisting metal destroyed her illusion of marital bliss.

She should have known Antonio could never be faithful. She should have known that a farm girl from Iowa couldn’t hold his attention. She should have known what everyone else in LA already knew—that it would never last.

The divorce part was easy. Healing her shattered heart was another story. She should have listened to her friend, Linda: “Never date actors; they lie for a living.” Meredith gets it now!

Timothy was excited to be starring in the film based on Meredith’s bestselling book. She is impressed by his aristocratic demeanor and youthful enthusiasm. One look into her violet eyes and he was a goner but Meredith doesn’t date actors and tells him so.

The persistent Brit gradually convinces Meredith that he’s not really an actor. He does it because he can and wants to earn enough money to finance his true passion, which is to restore the family manor house in the English countryside.

Will she go to England with Timothy or learn to live without him in LA? And yes, she said she’d never date another actor but Timothy isn’t really an actor. Or is he? Is he such a good one, such a practiced liar, that he’s acting like he loves her?

Meredith will have to decide!

THE WRIGHT  WOMAN                                                                                 Cayden III Cover Small Picture                   A Cayden Wright Adventure – Book Three

Cayden Wright moved to the peaceful village of     La Vista, California, just south of Los Angeles, expecting a slower pace than the constant chaos of her former life back east.

She was wrong! In less than a year she acquired two part-time jobs; found a body floating in a pool; and yes, there was another body in another pool. She had nothing to do with that. She managed to get involved in the personal lives of her accounting clients. She just can’t help herself. She now has a handsome fiancé and recently moved into a glorious Victorian-style house with him.

Cayden doesn’t go looking for trouble, but trouble has a way of finding her. Her work at Polly’s Place, a haven for pregnant women, has sharpened her awareness. When a woman in her English class shows signs of abuse, Cayden can’t walk away. She befriends Kathy and encourages her. Kathy’s estranged husband, Nick, doesn’t appreciate Cayden’s interference.

Her former college roommate calls to say she’s coming to L.A. for a job interview and Cayden couldn’t be more thrilled. She also can’t wait to see the look on Adam’s face when Beth gets off the plane. You know how they say everyone has a double; well, Cayden’s double is Beth.

—Will Nick succeed in ending Kathy’s dream?
—Will Beth’s resemblance to Cayden put her at risk?
—Will Adam succeed in getting Cayden to the altar?


A Cayden Wright Adventure – Book Two

If you think life on the West Coast is low key, ask Cayden Wright. Six months ago she moved from Connecticut to La Vista, California and landed not one job but two—part-time work for her uncle’s accounting firm and teaching at the community college.

She even met the man of her dreams. He’s everything a woman could ask for, so why can’t she just count her blessings? Not Cayden. What if … he gets bored? What if … he finds someone else? What if …

Despite her fears, Cayden is throwing herself into the pursuit of domesticity. She and Adam are renovating a house, choosing paint colors and buying furniture. Her parents are coming for an engagement party so maybe Adam will agree to that quickie Vegas wedding after all.

Cayden might be well on her way to living happily ever after. But trouble has a way of finding her. She already found one body floating in a pool; now there’s another! Was it an accident or murder? An old flame of her favorite accounting client dies in a suspicious car crash! Was it an accident or murder?

As always, Cayden can count on the support of her stalwart cat, Mrs. Woo, who has opinions on everything and doesn’t hesitate to make them known.

Will Cayden find the truth or learn to live without it?
Will she realize that Adam Parrish is the Wright one?


A Cayden Wright Adventure – Book One

Cayden Wright is a Connecticut girl whose grandmother has left her an adorable cottage in sunny southern California. The move to the West Coast, which she wrongly imagines as being low-keyed and laid-back, changes Cayden’s stagnant post-college life completely.

In rapid succession, she lands two jobs (doing part-time bookkeeping for her uncle’s CPA firm and teaching English as an adjunct at a local college) and meets Polly Anna Caulfield, a pregnant teen from a small town in Tennessee.

While doing a weekly bookkeeping stint at the home of Simon Parrish, a movie star billed as ‘the American James Bond’, Cayden discovers that the homeless Polly is camping out in Simon’s pool cabana. Polly’s wide-eyed, sunny view of life can be summarized in her favorite expression: “People are kind … given a chance”.

During their brief friendship while Cayden thinks she’s helping Polly, she is learning more about herself and her life which seems to be spinning off in new directions. She soon realizes that it feels good to help a stranger who needs her and that her life will never be the same.

When Cayden meets Simon’s older brother, Adam, and although romance is the last thing on her mind, the attraction is undeniable.

Throughout, Cayden is supported by her stalwart cat, Mrs. Woo, a gray Persian mix, who has opinions on everything and doesn’t hesitate to make them known.

Maybe Cayden has found a life after all, maybe California was the Wright move…


We are excited about the makeovers for Magee, Melissa and Madison. Working with our wonderful graphic artist, we have retitled and redesigned the covers of all three of the original Witherspoon Adventures books. Below you will see the new covers for each and the old cover as well.



Blessing or curse? For some Witherspoon women throughout the generations their peculiar abilities had been both. In the early days, they were burned at the stake as witches because no one understood. Then they were just considered peculiar or weird and basically ostracized by their communities. Finally, they learned that they had to control their power and try not to let it control their lives.

Now only three cousins remain of the Witherspoon women with varying abilities to absorb pain for another person and to help heal them. Sometimes their efforts were successful and sometimes they were not.

They had been taught by their mothers or grandmothers to use the gift wisely and to be very careful who they told about their abilities. Not everyone was able to understand and appreciate this gift or the special women who possess it.

The cousins were not close having grown up in different areas. Their lives had taken them in totally opposite directions and yet they had an unshakable bond. Magee Witherspoon O’Connor, Melissa Witherspoon Sullivan, and Madison Witherspoon Mitchell didn’t see each other often, but they could feel each other’s pain always.


       Old Cover – Magee                                                New Cover – Beautiful Disaster
Small BD cover photo (3)

Magee – The Witherspoon Healers: Book One

Magee Witherspoon O’Connor loves her job as a paralegal at a prestigious law firm in Connecticut. She is good at what she does, but her social life is a disaster. When her friend, Julia, invites her to a party given by a record label to showcase its superstar rocker, Rick Ryder, Magee jumps at the chance to meet him not knowing this party will change her life forever.

Rick immediately pursues her, even manipulating her into working for him. A puzzled and frustrated Magee doesn’t at first realize that she is a ringer for his wife, Deirdre, who committed suicide while pregnant with his child. She goes on tour with his band determined to make him wish he’d never laid eyes on her. Along the way, her Witherspoon powers are tested in more ways than one.

New Cover – Burnt Roses                                                      Old Cover – Melissa
Burnt Roses small cover

Melissa – The Witherspoon Healers: Book Two

Melissa Witherspoon Sullivan is a bestselling author living in New York City, but her heart is stuck in a small town in Pennsylvania. When she returns to visit her dying aunt, she grabs the chance to get back the life she should have had. She doesn’t realize that coming back may put her and her family in danger.

Newly appointed police chief, Daniel MacBride, has his hands full with his mom ailing, his fiancé complaining about all the hours he works, and now his high school sweetheart coming home. To top it all off, it’s his job to solve the town’s first murder in decades.

Dr. Stephen Callahan, a psychologist and Melissa’s ‘significant other’, understands the potential complications of her returning to the small town that has been the source of her emotional scars for so many years.

Where does Melissa belong—Sylvan Mills or New York City? She will have to make a decision. It won’t be easy.

    Old Cover – Madison                                                  New Cover – Before Everafter


Madison – The Witherspoon Healers:  Book Three

Madison Witherspoon Mitchell grew up dirt poor and her family moved constantly, but she always managed to have a few seeds in her pocket. Now she owns and operates an organic farm near Lancaster. When her husband is crushed under a tree he was removing from their property, not even the powers of all three Witherspoon cousins could save him.

Madison finds herself widowed at the age of 32 with rambunctious six-year old twin boys. When her tools are stolen and her greenhouse slashed, she’s not sure how much more she can stand. Who wants to put her out of business? How far will they go?

When Allen Zook, a carpenter who loves to read mysteries, arrives at the farmhouse to fix a broken barn door, he immediately suspects Madison is in bigger trouble than she knows. When she is injured in a farm ‘accident,’ he is determined to find answers. Even though the independent and headstrong young mother is nothing like his Elizabeth, there’s something special about her.  

Before Madison and Allen can have a future, they have to resolve her husband’s death—was it really an accident? And if not, who killed him and are they now after Madison? Only then can Madison determine if Allen is the kind of man who can live with a Witherspoon healer.

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