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We’re still here and writing. But, for now, please note that our very first book, BEAUTIFUL DISASTER, is FREE as an ebook on Amazon this week, 2/24-29. Thank you for your patience as we continue working…

Say Hello to Darcy!

This month we are featuring the Art Shop Cozy Mysteries Series featuring Darcy Garrett, an amateur artist, an art shop owner, and a woman who has seen one too many tv cop shows.

Life has her as low as she can go, losing her lover, shop, her self-esteem, and beginning to paint dark stormy landscapes depicting a small, lone, figure struggling against the storm that has become her life.

Now she is accused of murder and must rely on her friends, a handsome attorney, and a dogged investigator to put her life, and herself, back together.

And that is just the beginning…

Back to work!


Hello Dear Friends and Readers.

We realize this site has been woefully neglected and we apologize. I’m going to be brutally honest and trust that if you are here, you are kind people.
You will note the last post was in December, 2018, which happened to be the week our beloved Debbie moved on. This was her thing, and honestly Mary and I have not had the information and perhaps the strength to come back and work on it.
Frankly, she would be furious.

Please know that we are working on three books at the moment, and that the Quilting Queen is doing well so if you haven’t read the latest Miranda Hathaway mystery, please do and let us know your ideas, thoughts, critiques, we always appreciate them.

Thank you for all of your kind notes, and well wishes. It is still hard and we both know that Debbie is always looking over our shoulders, just like now.

So now we will strive to entertain you, and share the tales of our friends in Cutler, Darcy, Meredith, Skyler, Cayden, Sophie, and any others that show up in Mary’s dreams.

Yours in Memories,

Welcome to Devlinsbooks!

It is with a completely broken heart that I share with you the passing of my writing partner and big sister, Debbie Devlin Zook, on November 20. I have never lived a day of my life without her and I’m not sure how I’m supposed to do this. But, as it happens, my sister Beth and I visited her the week before and we will forever be grateful for those last days together. We both knew it might be the last time we would see her. She was at her writing desk and had just left me a voice mail regarding our newest book and its editing when her heart gave out. Her last words to me on that VM were: “Okay, kiddo. Talk later. Bye Bye.” Debbie had physical challenges from the time she was a teenager but was stronger mentally and emotionally than any of us. I know she stayed with us as long as she could, longer than she herself wanted, for us. I selfishly wish it had been longer. Treasure those you have around you this holiday season. As my darling grandson said to me last night, “Family is the one thing that cures everything.

Mary Devlin Lynch

The Quilting Queen 

Miranda Hathaway Adventure #8

When the Quilters Guild #1 decide to attend a  convention to see one of the world’s most talented and beloved quilters, things don’t go quite as planned. Strange characters, a missing person, and a gruesome murder and the ladies of Cutler all collide in this whodunit!

THE QUILTERS PUSH BACK             Miranda Hathaway Adventure #7

Not even Cutler is immune from the serious drug epidemic spreading across the nation. When local kids started dying, Cutler Quilt Guild Number One jumped into action. Using every skill they have from sewing to surveillance, they are determined to find the drug dealers and push them out. It might be time for Harriet to dust off her taser!

Miranda and Gabe also need to find time for family. Gabe’s son Kevin surprised them when he announced at Christmas that he and his fiancé Terry were marrying on New Year’s Day—adding that they were expecting a little surprise of their own.

Working with FBI-like strategic planning, the family pulled Kevin’s wedding together in one week. Only then could Miranda and Gabe get to work on their own Valentine’s Day wedding plans.

Throughout the good and the bad, Harry the cat is there to help, comfort, scold, and complain—lest anyone forget that in the end it’s always all about him.


A KNIGHT IN CAIRIO                                                                                                  Sierra Parker, Museum Curator

The preview event for the Ramesses II and Nefertari exhibit at the Antiquities Museum of New York went off splendidly, until a priceless bracelet disappeared. Associate Curator Sierra Parker is frantic. She discovers the thief and gets the bracelet back not realizing she has just made an enemy.

With her contract soon to expire, Sierra questions what to do next. A summons from the Museum Director, Sir Malcolm Winston, may hold the answer. He has agreed to help his friend at the Cairo Antiquities Museum. Malcolm knows Sierra would never turn down the chance to work in Cairo.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, the tall handsome British knight has a crush on the petite brunette with the shaggy haircut, large brown eyes and shapely figure. He’s read her file. He knows all about her degrees and career, but Malcolm wants to get to know her on a more personal level. He doesn’t realize that taking Sierra to Cairo may put her life in danger, but he does know that he would give his to protect her.



We have self published nineteen novels to date:

The Witherspoon Adventures: (The Witherspoon Healers Adventures)

Beautiful Disaster (Magee – Book One)

Burnt Roses (Melissa – Book Two)

Before Everafter (Madison – Book Three)

Relative Unknown (Cari – Book Four)


Cayden & Cat Adventures (The Cayden Wright Adventures):

The Wright Move (Book One)

The Wright One (Book Two)

The Wright Woman (Book Three)


Meredith Abbott Adventures:

Lying for a Living, Meredith Abbott’s Adventures in Hollywood

Dying for a Headline, Meredith Abbott’s Adventures in England


A Hollywood Designer Adventure:

Sophie by Design


Miranda Hathaway Adventures:

The Quilt Ripper, #1

The Missing Quilter, #2

The Quilt Show Caper, #3

The Quilter’s Secret, #4

A Quilt to Die For, #5 

The Quilter’s Christmas Surprises, #6

The Quilters Push Back, #7


Skylar Kincaid, Editor:

The Dame in the Diamonds


Sierra Parker, Museum Curator:

A Knight in Cairo



Although we are control freaks by nature, we have learned to trust the experts for certain aspects of our writing projects. We are so fortunate to have wonderful people who not only help us publish the best products we can, but who also encourage and support us in this joint venture of ours. Special thanks to each of them and if you are looking for help with a project of your own, we highly recommend them.

Copy-editor:  Sharon K. Garner   (   Sharon is a published author who also works as a copy-editor for manuscripts, screenplays, etc. She catches details that we may have missed, corrects our spelling and grammar, and makes suggestions. She has worked on every one of our novels and knows our characters as well as we do. Since Sharon lives nearby, we meet occasionally for lunch. Go to her website to see a list and read excerpts of her amazing romance novels, each set in an exotic locale. I don’t travel much but do travel through my imagination in Sharon’s novels.

Graphic Artist:  Elizabeth Nichols   (   Elizabeth was recommended by a friend and we couldn’t be happier. When it was suggested that Magee needed a new, improved cover, we contacted Elizabeth. First, we completed the makeovers of all three original Witherspoon novels. And they are awesome! We just give her some of our ideas and she puts together a draft. She’s so great at making any changes we request and it truly is a collaboration. Go to Elizabeth’s website to see all of the services she can offer such as logo and website design.

E-book Expert:  Michael Campbell   (   Michael Campbell and staff are the masters at converting our paper books into e-books. They are fast, thorough and extremely accommodating. Even making changes after we catch our own mistakes. Check out Michael’s website to see all of the writing services he offers.