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12-7-15 — Judge’s Commentary Synopsis:

The grades for this book were all 2’s and 3’s (out of 5). Mediocre at best. The judge offered many suggestions for changes but not much in the way of positive feedback. We were very disappointed but then realized that this judge would never have read the first book, Lying for a Living. He/she would not know the back story of Meredith, Timothy and Antonio. Without that knowledge, the book might not make a lot of sense.

We know we can’t expect everyone to like what we write. Our only hope is that some will enjoy the read and the stories that we’ve created. Reading for us is all about entertainment. We won’t win a Pulitzer for writing, but we hope that we can provide a few hours of enjoyment for our readers. And we appreciate every reader!

*Commentary may be quoted as: “Judge, Writer’s Digest 23rd Annual Self-Published Book Awards”



11/6/14 Judge’s Commentary Synopsis:

This judge gave us high scores for production quality and cover design. Also for spelling, punctuation and grammar. He or she offered suggestions for the pacing and story appeal. They mentioned specifically that they liked the touching scene with Miranda’s father in the beginning and thought we should have spent more time on that. They loved the scene that says, Linda was “actually squealing!”  The most positive quote from this judge would be: “I enjoyed your dialogues, which are breezy, witty, and have a truly naturalistic tone.” But then they also said that the characters were a bit two-dimensional. Another comment was: “I keep looking for a reason to like Meredith, but the story seems just like one long movieland conversation.”

Our response:  The judge (he/she) made several positive comments on our work but also offered some constructive criticism. Although we don’t totally agree with the review, we have to be willing to accept the comments that are offered. Hopefully, we will become better writers by using the suggestions given.

*Commentary may be quoted as: “Judge, Writer’s Digest 22nd Annual Self-Published Book Awards”



10-18-2013 — Judge’s Commentary Synopsis: 

The major negative seemed to be the cover. Based on these comments, we worked with a wonderful graphic artist to design a professional cover and we changed the title of Magee to Beautiful Disaster. The judge was very positive in her comments with high scores for character development, structure and organization, and plot. She said it was  a good story, nicely formatted, and a nice length. She commented that Magee had a great voice and she commended us on this. She said she had so connected with Magee that she’d like to call her up and have a chat. She mentioned that as a mom herself she often wished that she could ease the pain of her children. And, she also said, “what girl doesn’t dream of having a romance with  a rock star!” Her final comment due to the overall presentation issues was:   “I’m afraid this is a jewel that will be lost in the rough.”

Our response: In this case, we can’t argue with her. She was so positive and so detailed in her comments that we not only know that she actually read the book but she liked it a lot.

*Commentary may be quoted as: “Judge, Writer’s Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards”

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