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Gabe Downing, her significant other, and her daughter, Zoey, are planning a surprise for Miranda’s birthday. Now there’s been a murder and no one feels like celebrating.

Laura Jenkins was a bitter, nasty woman who never did anything nice for anyone. But the town is still in shock. Things like this just don’t happen in Cutler, Pennsylvania!

Local Police Chief Jake Perryman, overweight and out of shape, has no experience in investigating a murder. When he turns to Gabe and Miranda for help, they worry the stress may be too much for him.

Cutler is a small town and everyone knows everyone else. They all knew the victim and now Gabe and Miranda must look at their own friends and neighbors as suspects.

When a quilt is found in Laura’s belongings that predates the two oldest known quilts in the state, it becomes a motive. Now to find out who had means and opportunity?

Queenie McQuinn, owner of the local quilt shop, sadly tells Miranda, “There’s not a quilt on this earth worth dying for.”

But someone did!



She was a young actress doing summer stock when she fell for her leading man. He was handsome and talented; who wouldn’t fall in love with him. The audience surely did every time he took the stage. Then it was fall and he was gone.

Fast-forward 35 years. Queenie McQuinn is sitting in her quilt shop when the door opens. She looks up and all the memories she’s tried to forget come rushing back. She thought she would take her secret to the grave, but now that might not be possible.

Gabe Downing is packing to move to Cutler to be with his ladylove when he gets word that his son is in danger. Kevin has been called to testify in the trial of his former boss, Jason Chen. The Chinese Syndicate, run by Jason’s uncles, will do whatever it takes to keep that from happening. Gabe has no choice but to make the call, hoping she will understand.

Miranda Hathaway does understand why Gabe is delaying his move, but if he thinks she’s going to wait at home while her new family is in danger, he doesn’t know her very well.

When Kevin’s girlfriend, Terry, is taken hostage by the assassin, Gabe knows he can’t keep Kevin from going to the rescue. Like father like son!


quilt-show-caper-small-11-4-16THE QUILT SHOW CAPER

Only one month to organize a Quilt Show as a fundraiser for the local schools! If anyone can do it, Queenie McQuinn, president of Cutler Quilt Guild Number One, can.

Miranda Hathaway, town librarian and member of the guild, invites two rival quilters, each claiming to have the oldest quilt in Pennsylvania. And if that isn’t enough excitement, someone sets off the sprinklers.

After the water is cleaned up, everyone thinks the worst is over, but they’re wrong. While they were busy trying to save the quilts, the cash boxes were emptied.

Gabe Downing, Miranda’s “significant other,” and a former FBI agent, is here to help. Harry, Miranda’s oddly omniscient cat, has his own opinions about who tried to ruin the quilts and who took the cash. He’s been right before!


SOPHIE BY DESIGNsophie-smal-cover

A fashion designer! That’s all Sophie Palmer has ever wanted to be! So, when an Academy Award-winning designer calls to offer her a job, she takes it. In under five seconds, she drop-kicks her life in New York, and her fiancé, to the curb.

As number five in a five-designer department, she’s been warned to keep her expectations low, but still, it’s Hollywood and anything can happen! Sophie keeps her personal labels at the ready, just in case.

And her love life? Well, who else can wander into a bar for a drink after work and meet a computer genius millionaire? Only Sophie! Finn McLaine is totally smitten and asks her to marry him on their first date.

Everything is going well until it appears that someone is trying to harm Finn. After several suspicious “accidents,” Sophie confronts him to find out what he’s working on and why it has put his life in danger.

If Finn wants to marry Sophie, he’s gonna have to stay alive to make good on that proposal. Then Sophie can stitch together all the dangling threads of her life and become who she’s meant to be—Sophie by Design.




Miranda Hathaway, town librarian and member of Cutler Quilt Guild Number One, likes mysteries and everyone knows it.

When her daughter calls and asks her to come to Boston immediately, Miranda drops everything and goes. Why? Because that’s what mothers do! She arrives to find that Zoey’s best friend—her boyfriend’s sister—is missing. Miranda helps them begin a search for her. But, before they get Olivia back, Miranda goes missing!

Zoey frantically reaches out to Gabe Downing. Gabe, a private investigator and former FBI agent, has been dating Miranda for the past year. He uses his resources to locate her and plans a rescue.

Back at home, Miranda’s cat is upset. The cat-sitter, Miranda’s best friend, Diane, decides a phone call might calm Harry, but the call goes to voice mail. Now they’re both upset, so she visits the Quilt Shop and the quilters try to call. When Miranda doesn’t answer, they’re all worried. That does it!

The ladies of Cutler Quilt Guild Number One are going on a road trip!



Quilt Ripper CoverTHE QUILT RIPPER

Miranda Hathaway is the town librarian and a member of Cutler Quilt Guild Number One. She likes to read mysteries, especially Sherlock Holmes. When someone breaks into the house of a guild member, rips apart an heirloom quilted skirt, and leaves the torn pieces behind, everyone in Cutler, PA, thinks Miranda can solve the mystery!

Gabe Downing, a retired FBI agent from Boston, has recently joined the Quilt Guild as its first and only male member. Coincidence? Miranda doubts it, but she finds herself attracted to this new man in town. He asks her to dinner and she’s flattered at first, but then her suspicious mind wanders. Does he know more about the break-in than he’s saying? Is he trying to find out what information she might have? Well, two can play that game!

Can Miranda and Gabe find the “Quilt Ripper” before another vintage piece is destroyed? Gabe may have experience on his side but she has her own secret weapon. The ladies of Cutler Quilt Guild Number One are on the case!



DFAH Cover 3

DYING FOR A HEADLINE, Meredith Abbott’s Adventures in England!!! Book Number Nine and the final book of Meredith Abbott’s Adventures. In this novel, we follow Meredith and Timothy back to England where she plans to help him restore the family’s ancestral home, an English manor house located in The Cotswolds. As they work together and begin to plan a future, someone isn’t happy. Antonio has no intentions of letting them live happily ever after.

RelativeUnknown small


RELATIVE UNKNOWN, the sequel to The Witherspoon Adventures Trilogy. After much discussion, we agreed that we needed more! Many people had asked us whatever happened to Magee and Rick. The story just didn’t seem complete, sooo… here it is. The sequel to The Witherspoon Adventures has a twist that we didn’t see coming and we’re sure you didn’t either.




We have self published fourteen novels to date:

The Witherspoon Adventures: (The Witherspoon Healers Adventures)

Beautiful Disaster (Magee – Book One)

Burnt Roses (Melissa – Book Two) with sister, Beth Devlin-Keune

Before Everafter (Madison – Book Three)

Relative Unknown (Cari – Book Four)

Cayden & Cat Adventures (The Cayden Wright Adventures):

The Wright Move (Book One)

The Wright One (Book Two)

The Wright Woman (Book Three)

Meredith Abbott Adventures:

Lying for a Living, Meredith Abbott’s Adventures in Hollywood

Dying for a Headline, Meredith Abbott’s Adventures in England

A Hollywood Designer Adventure:

Sophie by Design

Miranda Hathaway Adventures:

The Quilt Ripper, #1

The Missing Quilter, #2

The Quilt Show Caper, #3

The Quilter’s Secret, #4





Although we are control freaks by nature, we have learned to trust the experts for certain aspects of our writing projects. We are so fortunate to have wonderful people who not only help us publish the best products we can, but who also encourage and support us in this joint venture of ours. Special thanks to each of them and if you are looking for help with a project of your own, we highly recommend them.

Copy-editor:  Sharon K. Garner   (sharonkgarner.com)   Sharon is a published author who also works as a copy-editor for manuscripts, screenplays, etc. She catches details that we may have missed, corrects our spelling and grammar, and makes suggestions. She has worked on every one of our novels and knows our characters as well as we do. Since Sharon lives nearby, we meet occasionally for lunch. Go to her website to see a list and read excerpts of her amazing romance novels, each set in an exotic locale. I don’t travel much but do travel through my imagination in Sharon’s novels.

Graphic Artist:  Elizabeth Nichols   (enicholsdesign.com)   Elizabeth was recommended by a friend and we couldn’t be happier. When it was suggested that Magee needed a new, improved cover, we contacted Elizabeth. We have completed the makeovers of all three original Witherspoon novels. And they are awesome! The cover for Lying for a Living was incredible! Then it was on to the fourth Witherspoon novel, which was really a challenge because there wasn’t a clear direction for the cover. After going back and forth a couple of times, we came up with this idea and Elizabeth rocked it! We can’t wait to see what she will do with the second Meredith Abbott Adventure. Go to Elizabeth’s website to see all of the services she can offer such as logo and website design.

E-book Expert:  Michael Campbell   (mcwriting.com)   Michael Campbell and staff are the masters at converting our paper books into e-books. They are fast, thorough and extremely accommodating. Even making changes after we catch our own mistakes. They provide each e-book in different formats so they can be posted for Amazon and B&N. Check out Michael’s website to see all of the writing services he offers.

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  1. That’s a gorgeous cover for Dying for a Headline! And thank you for the acknowledgment of my copyediting and proofreading for you. I really appreciate it. I always look forward to a “sisters” book coming in. You guys make my work so easy.

    • No thank you, Sharon. You have been with us from the beginning and we appreciate your support and encouragement. We love the cover too! Elizabeth is amazing and just gets us. She reads the book then makes suggestions. We are blessed to work with wonderful people who help us through the process.

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