Say Hello to Darcy!

This month we are featuring the Art Shop Cozy Mysteries Series featuring Darcy Garrett, an amateur artist, an art shop owner, and a woman who has seen one too many tv cop shows.

Life has her as low as she can go, losing her lover, shop, her self-esteem, and beginning to paint dark stormy landscapes depicting a small, lone, figure struggling against the storm that has become her life.

Now she is accused of murder and must rely on her friends, a handsome attorney, and a dogged investigator to put her life, and herself, back together.

And that is just the beginning…

2 thoughts on “Say Hello to Darcy!

  1. Can’t wait to start reading this new mystery.
    I’ve loved all your books, I just need to wait longer for them to come out for my nook.

  2. It is a wonderful book and a change from the Quilting series, but still very interesting. I couldn’t figure out who done it, I had some ideas, but then closer to the end, I had this brilliant idea. Mary and Beth held my interest which is what I’m always looking for. I like Beth and Mary still miss Debbie and her input and everything else. But she (Debbie) would hate it if they stopped now. Keep on writing. I’m here for you as always.

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